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Using Google maps, I point out where the best beaches, places for possible emergencies and information on the different locations of the islands.

Tenerife beaches Map

Discover all the major beaches deTenerife, the most famous, the best known, dorata sand beaches, black sand, nude beaches in Tenerife you'll find a wide variety of beaches for your relaxation and your enjoyment.

Tenerife Emergency Map

To know where and who to contact in an emergency on the island of Tenerife. Hospitals, police, emergency station and all you need to know about the wonderful island of Tenerife.

Tenerife Map of Town

Discover all the major towns in Tenerife, from fishing in the sea, to the highest mountain villages, a complete virtual tour of the island.

  Tenerife beaches Map

The beaches of Tenerife with photos, explanations, information and much more.

  Tenerife Emergency Map

All points to any emergency you should know: hospitals, police, tourist information offices, etc.

  Tenerife Villages Map

Know the political map of the island, with all peoples and their location. To always find yourself at home. 

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