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Tenerife yesterday and today

The recent history of the island of Tenerife to the present.

Spanish colonization

Since the Middle Ages and more precisely from 1496, the year in which the Spanish conquered the island, flattening everything in their path, taking prisoners to the natives of the islands and sold as slaves after the biggest ports in Europe. .. Spanish conquest.

Emigration to the Americas

The phenomenon of immigration in the Canaries is very old, almost from the time of discovery of the Americas. entire villages, mostly of Tenerife are especially draining to move to South America, this is how back in 1700, a dozen families emigrated and founded the city of Montevideo in Uruguay and some others like San Antonio in Texas.

Continued migration to Venezuela (also called the eighth island) in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and continued until mid-twentieth century. The Esplanade canaries all over America and the Caribbean, especially Cuba.

At the beginning of the seventies, many canaries decided to return home. Today, by the strong presence on the islands of people around the world, especially in Northern Europe, the islands are becoming a more multi-ethnic societies in the world.