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Gastronomy of Tenerife

On the island of Tenerife you can enjoy a wide variety of cuisines, the typical Canarian cuisine to international, Italian, French, Spanish, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, good tandoori, and of course restaurants provide a good fresh fish.

Canarian Cuisine

Gofio is the basis of culinary tradition canaria

On the basis of Canarian cuisine, which is very simple, add the gofio, which is obtained by roasting the flour of wheat or corn that has been consumed since the time of the Guanches.

Gofio is used in different ways, either to replace bread (kneading), in candy, thicken broth with fish or glasses of milk in addition to cereals, is used consistently and is limited only by the Canarian people's own imagination.

The Mojo

The Mojos are the sauces typical of the islands.

At each site is prepared differently, but basically are composed of garlic, olive oil, salt and natural herbs in addition to other ingredients.

The Mojos Red, with paprika, some with almonds, fried bread and cheese or the Mojo 'sauce, hot pepper-based, are normally accompany grilled meats or fried foods, cheese and potatoes (potatoes) wrinkled.

The Mojos green, either the cilantro, avocado or boiled potatoes, or parsley, with which normally accompanies the fish.

Potatoes, fish and meat

Canarian cuisine based on vegetables, potatoes, meat and fish.

In the Canaries, are grown 5 or 6 different types of potatoes and potato specifically with potatoes nice and black or egg yolk, which is a low-sugar potato and do not produce cholesterol, become wrinkled potatoes and are called well, basically because of the way to cook with little water, lots of salt (although the pope picks up the salt you want) and skin.

IThe marine influence makes the fish are very diverse, both in quantity and quality. Among the most prized species are old, the sama, the red porgy, the Salem, grouper and grouper among white fish and sardines, mackerel, mackerel and tuna among blue. Another species that enjoys a certain fame is the fried brown. They are also widely consumed salted fish or Areado as grouper, cod and Tolles.

As for meat, meat feast, which are marinated pork tacos, fried rabbit in salmorejo, goat, cattle and poultry.

Special mention for the pot canary, which is the stew of people, which is composed of vegetables, legumes and meat.

Tropical fruit year - round

Because the average temperature stable throughout the year, Tenerife produces various kinds of tropical fruits such as banana Canary, mango, melon, avocado, papaya and star fruit. Practically all people, once or twice a week the farmer's market opens, where you can buy all sorts of very fresh fruit and vegetables for a base price very competitive with Europe.


As for the pastries, the bienmesabe, cooked milk, Prince Albert, the frangollo, moles eggs, the cheese, and many more. We must also mention the Guide rosquetes, trout and various kinds of cakes.


Tenerife produces some fantastic wines, both red in the north of the island, as white, in the south and the midlands. There are these various denominations of origin (DOC), such as Tacoronte-Acentejo, Valle de La Orotava, Abona, Valle de Güimar and Icoden Daute-Isora.

Tenerife wines, mostly young, although there are breeds are excellent and you should not pass this way without trying them.