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Tenerife Crafts

Handicrafts on the Island of Tenerife always been very developer, both for the domestic market and for export, the tourist market and souvenirs.

The Art of Chisel

The profession of chisels was widespread in the island, eventually losing a little and was now only used for the external walls of the facades of the buildings and the filtration system and water cooler.


The tradition of intertwining of plant fibers and many other products has been fundamental for the Canary Islands over the siglos.La wicker basket was a predominantly male profession and serving as economic complement to agricultural activity, hence the dedication is partial but regular.

FMusical Instrument Manufacture

The Construction of Musical instrmentos is very typical in Tenerife and other islands. The Luthuiers are responsible for carrying out this work. Stringed instruments such as guitar or mandolin lute at the base is converted traditional musical acoustics. But the more specific musical instrument of the islands is the launch this, which is like a small 5-string guitar, which gives the folklore of the islands so characteristic melodic support. also made drums, flutes, castanets and a few others.

Carved Wood

The work of wood carving in the Canaries, has evolved so they have managed to be distinctive in one of his techniques, and we refer to the so called "Picadillo Canario." This decorative motif is different in size, to achieve a depth that favors the decor with pictures of sharp edges.


The art of pirotécnis on the island of Tenerife was started in 800 in Los Realejos. The fireworks are always present at each of the festivals are held throughout the year on the island of pyrotechnic performances are very well cared for and are worth seeing, to the point that in some villages, are truly spectacular and a claim for the remaining inhabitants of nearby villages.


In Tenerife, the edges are applied to traditional clothing, linens, church ornaments, household utensils and other uses such as furniture decoration. It is a singular tradition turned into a major source of revenue, which offers the possibility of creative development.


Within the traditional craft activities Canarias in Tenerife, the drafts or machines, are still considered one of the most delicate and meticulous craftsman sector. The Draft was the craftsmanship with the greatest potential in international markets.