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Tenerife Culture

Tenerife is an island that apart from beaches and landscapes, can give an interesting cultural supply.

Monuments and culture of Tenerife

Since the Middle Ages and more specifically, from the year 1494, the year in which the Spanish conquered the island, visible monuments built house and especially in the north of the island.

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The Guanches and the Spanish Domination

The history of the island starts with the Spanish domination, before that, the islands were inhabited by a mysterious town called: Guanches.

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The gastronomy of Tenerife

Tenerife offers the possibility of a rich cuisine and good wine, cream of the crop, with its own appellation. But today, also Italian, French, Chinese, Japanese or international, is present everywhere.

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Tenerife Crafts

On the island of Tenerife are many types of crafts can be purchased directly from artisans: ceramics, clothing, wood carving and much more.


The gastronomy of the island of Tenerife is known for its taste and simplicity. The potato is a major consumer product, but the island enjoys a wide variety of fish.

  Past & Present

Discover the recent history of the island of Tenerife. Emigration to the Americas, past the settlements, the return and today.


The Craft of the island of Tenerife has always been highly developed, both for the domestic market and for export, the tourist market and souvenirs.